Treatment of respiratory and nervous system

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on 22/06/2015

Dilijan - the most beautiful place in Armenia, in a green paradise in the north-east of Armenia, surrounded by mountain ranges of the Lesser Caucasus. Due to its natural and climatic conditions, as well as the synthesis of fresh air and healing spring waters, Dilijan is exclusive and has a positive impact as a resting place for the sick and for travelers.

At an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level, the air seems clear Dilijan, in a dark blue shade. In other words, Dilijan - a little Switzerland, located in the Armenian Plateau.


Gyulakaraksky arboretum or "Pine forests", as they call it, it is located on a vast area in the north-western slope of the mountain Argasar, at an altitude of 1550 meters above sea level, near the village of Gyulakarak; distance from Stepanavan -13 km. Gyulakaraksky Arboretum is one of the most beautiful and picturesque places throughout the country, we are well taken root and grow more than 700 different species of plants.

Arboretum constantly updated with new species of trees, shrubs and a variety of colors from many countries.

In the surroundings of Stepanavan tourists can see the remains of the castle walls, watch towers, bridges and other structures - is the ruins of the ancient city of Lori Berd - the ancient capital of Tashir Dzoraget kingdom of medieval Armenia. Lori Berd was founded in the second half of X in., It was located on a high triangular plateau, well defended on both sides of the valley, was surrounded by high walls.

Discovered here during the excavations of household items and tools give an idea about the history and culture of medieval Laurie.


Sol cave

In the century before the therapeutic effects salt aerosol has been observed by official medicine. A visit to the salt cave is used in respiratory diseases: prevention of common respiratory diseases, SARS, influenza, acute recurrent bronchitis and pneumonia, chronic bronchitis in remission in pulmonary insufficiency and so on ...