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Gourmet Tours in Armenia

Written by on 08/06/2015

Armenian cuisine, as one of the oldest in the world, unique and unusual. Armenian traditional cuisine are dishes prepared on the basis of local products, flavored with various spices, fruits, mountain herbs and very often they have a festive and ritual origin. Whichever tour you choose from our list, lunches will be organized so that in any region of you had the opportunity to taste dishes typical for this particular area. So you try dishes from different regions of Armenia, without exception, come to taste any gourmet. We also have tour packages designed specifically to get acquainted with the peculiarities of Armenian cuisine and wine. As part of these tours you will have the opportunity in the best restaurants and country houses to try such traditional Armenian dishes like barbecue, a variety of dolma (cabbage or grape leaves stuffed with beef or beans), khashlama (soup, usually beef or lamb), local fish product kyufta (meat balls of beef or lamb), Harissa (dish of chicken and cereals), tanapur (matsun soup and cereals), hash (pork soup), and taste the famous Armenian cognac, unique wines, and each wine region a variety of fruit vodkas. Every guest, who visited Armenia at least once knows the taste of the local food, indicating wonderful sunshine, fertile land and water in Armenia, as well as environmental friendliness.


Day 1 It is necessary to start a busy day with a hearty breakfast, for example, donut Grand Candy, that residents of Yerevan called "PONCHIKANOTS" (str. Mashtots 54). Grand Candy - a private interest: the company became famous for its chocolate (they even got into the Guinness World Records, having prepared the largest chocolate bar in the world!), coffee and ice cream. Coming out of the Grand Candy, do not forget to buy souvenirs sweet home: fruits in chocolate, Armenian delight flavored with nuts and roses, coffee candy. Rest at the hotel. You will enjoy the evening walk in Yerevan. My favorite among Yerevan residents and tourists route starts from the Freedom Square, also known as the Opera area and the nearby Swan Lake (in fact it is a small pond in which only a few swans). On summer evenings, this place turns into a movie theater in the open air, and the youth snuggles on a lawn and benches around the pond, treating different kinds of Armenian ice cream. Then stroll through the Northern Avenue, who built a few years ago - is the most fashionable part of town with expensive boutiques, cafes with beautiful summer terrace and street musicians who have already become a local landmark. After a short walk it is time for dinner. Generally, in Armenia the cult of food, so the number of cafes, restaurants and fast food then the number is growing every year. To try the delicious meat or fish, it is not necessary to seek national restaurant - the secret of success of Armenian cuisine in natural and extremely fresh ingredients. In Armenia, in particularly tasty prepared as Armenian, and Georgian cuisine. The last is particularly popular - take the time to go to the famous "tavern" in the main street Tumanyan. In addition to traditional khinkali meat here it is to try boiled and fried with cheese and khinkali Ajarian khachapuri. However, having arrived in Yerevan, the first thing travelers looking for a delicious barbecue. Ask addresses local pointless: every Armenian adamant that he, his brother and father cook the most delicious meat in the world. Perhaps one of the best national cuisine in the city - Restaurant Dolmama (Pushkin str., 10), the most expensive restaurant in Yerevan. Local Khashlama (boiled meat), dolma (minced in grape leaves) and tzhvzhikom (fried liver with vegetables) admired, such as Charles Aznavour and Hillary Clinton. After dinner, the most extraordinary time to continue your evening walk and walk to the Republic Square. Every night, tourists and residents of Yerevan admire here singing fountains.

Day 2: Departure from Yerevan. Visit to Garni pagan temple (I in. To nn. E.) - A unique monument of ancient architecture in Armenia, the pagan temple of the Sun God ('66), the remains of others. IX centuries facilities .. If a clean mountain air has opened your appetite, lunch If desired, you can arrange to look around the restaurant Garni "Sergei." It is located a few meters from the entrance to the complex of Garni and citizens can be broken here in the middle of the day for corporate kebab. Recently Sergei altogether difficult to get after a visit to Armenia had dinner here Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Wine apricot and mulberry vodka and ghats (Armenian national confection with nuts) Tour Gegardavank monastery complex ("Monastery spear", founded in the IV c. BC.,. The architectural complex was built in the XIII century. Gegard - Bible spear, which, according to tradition, the apostle Fadey Included in Armenia in the I .. Ayrivank name is associated with a part of the cave complex (UNESCO World Heritage Site). Stay in the resort town of Tsakhkadzor (Gorge of flowers). Overnight in Tsakhkadzor.

Day 3 City Tour Tsaghkadzor, visit Kecharis monastery ensemble XI-XIII centuries. Tours in Sevan, Akhtamar peninsula. Visiting Sevanavank. A unique dinner on the shore of Lake Sevan (barbecue: Sevan whitefish, trout, kebabs Sevan crayfish). Rest, swimming / if you wish /.Tour in the resort town of Dilijan (Armenian Switzerland). Overnight in Dilijan.

Day 4 Visit to Monasteries complexes de Haghartsin (X-XIII century) and Goshavank (XII-XIII century). Tour to Lake Parz. Lunch and rest on the shore of the lake. Bake pita. Skewers of chicken, lamb or beef, vegetables skewers kebab. To wash down all the necessary traditional dairy drink Thane. Overnight in Dilijan.

Day 5: Tour to Alaverdi, visit Monasteries complexes de Haghpat (X-XIII century) and Sanahin (X-XIII century). Dinner and overnight in Yerevan. Tasting soups, salads, desserts with ancient Armenian recipes. Return to Yerevan. Overnight in Yerevan.

Day 6 Free day. Visit Vernissage. Buying souvenirs. You can stop for a cup of coffee at any cafe. By the way, the coffee here - a ritual he has time at any time of day or night. Armenians do not recognize the popular latte and cappuccino, and drink only freshly brewed coffee in Turku. Guests can dine at one of the restaurants at the foot of a "cascade". For example, in your favorite coffee shop advanced youth Charles (str. Tamanyan, 3/40), where in the evening live music. Generally the music, especially jazz, Armenians attitude is very anxious. The city has several excellent jazz clubs, the most popular of which Malhas Jazz Club (Pushkin st., 52/1) - Here the ball ruled the famous Armenian jazzman Levon Malkhasyan.

Day 7 Drive to Echmiadzin the spiritual center of the Armenian Apostolic Church and the residence of the Catholicos of All Armenians. UNESCO World Heritage Site). Hripsime and Gayane Churches. Lunch at a local restaurant. Degustation of echmiazinian kyufta. A visit to the ruins of Zvartnots - the greatest temples of early medieval Armenian architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Return to Yerevan and visit to the Brandy Factory Ararat and Noah on a tour and tasting. Rest at the hotel. Transfer to the airport.

Religious tours in Armenia

Written by on 08/06/2015

Armenia - one of the oldest and most religious countries for the organization of religious tourism, pilgrimage tours and visits to holy places. The most famous natural symbol of Armenia is Mount Ararat, the legendary Noah's Ark berth. Pilgrimage to Armenia - a journey into the history of one of the oldest Christian churches - the apostolic church. In 301 Armenia was the first in the world to adopt Christianity as a state religion. One of the most popular saints of seats in Armenia's Etchmiadzin is considered. This pilgrimage the faithful all over the world. According to legend, y St. Gregory had a vision of Christ, indicating a golden hammer to the place where there should be erected the first church in Armenia. The temple was built and became the cathedral is named Echmiadzin, which means "Came down the only begotten," ie, Jesus Christ. The museum of Echmiadzin are the sacred relics are preserved as a particle of the cross on which Jesus Christ was crucified, a particle of Noah's Ark, Gegard - the biblical lance which, according to tradition, the apostle Fadey has brought in Armenia in the I c..

At the initiative of Gregory were built in Armenia and other Christian churches, basilicas and chapels that were built on the foundations of pagan temples.

Pilgrimage tourism is very developed in Armenia because the Armenian Apostolic church is really unique because it does not belong to one of the branches of other Christian churches. From the middle of V in. The Armenian Apostolic Church has decided to secede from the Eastern and Western churches after the failure of its decisions IV (Chalcedon) Ecumenical Council 451

Khor Virap is one of the shrines of the Armenian Apostolic Church is a place of pilgrimage for Christians and all believers in the world. The monastery is also known that the proximity to Mount Ararat and therefore see the legendary peaks in the vicinity only of this ancient monastery.


In addition to these well-known spiritual centers and architectural monuments in Armenia are many other places where we suggest you take a different duration pilgrimage tours.

* Selection of sites and combining routes can be planned according to your wishes. Please complete the form below and we will find things to do for you.

Day 1: Arrival in Yerevan. Transfer to the hotel. Guided Tour to Yerevan. Republic Square, the Opera House, the Church of Gregory the Illuminator (the largest church in Armenia). A visit to one of the largest repositories of ancient manuscripts in the world Matenadaran. Lunch at the restaurant. The architectural complex Cascade. Return to the hotel.

Day 2 Drive to Echmiadzin the spiritual center of the Armenian Apostolic Church and the residence of the Catholicos of All Armenians. UNESCO World Heritage Site). Hripsime and Gayane Churches. A visit to the ruins of Zvartnots - the greatest temples of early medieval Armenian architecture and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Lunch at a local restaurant. Return to Yerevan and visit to the Brandy Factory Ararat on a tour and tasting.

Day 3 Drive to Khor Virap Monastery ('' deep dungeon ''), which offers one of the most beautiful views of the biblical Mount Ararat.

Business tours to Armenia

Written by on 08/06/2015

One of the most dynamic sectors of the tourism industry in Armenia is business tourism. The geographical position of Armenia promotes active economic relations with the CIS countries, the European Union, the USA, Georgia, Iran and the Middle East. Armenian civilization historically developed at the crossroads of cultures of East and West, Europe and Asia, and because of this the Armenians are famous for exceptional entrepreneurial abilities.

In Armenia, the infrastructure business tourism: here operate upscale hotels of international brands with congress venues, exhibition centers, modern transport systems.

If you are planning a trip to the exhibition, conference or workshop, or you plan a business meeting with a partner, we can offer you our experience and knowledge in the field of tourism.

Our company has more than 10 years are ogranising trips, official meetings and high-level talks, corporate events. We know how to effectively organize not only working part of your visit, but also help in the development and preparation of the entertainment part and you will be able to get acquainted with the country, relax and get a lot of pleasant experiences.

We offer the following services to business tourism:

• Book hotels in the highest category

• VIP airport transfer

• Rent conference halls, meeting rooms

• Development of the entire business of the visit, a complete set of services

• Organizing participation in seminars, congresses, business meetings

• Organizing of team building, intensive tours, quests

• Organizing participation in exhibitions, booth design and presentations

• Transportation services for executive class cars, Luxury class

• Organizing of golf tour

• Translation services

• Services of highly skilled guide 

• Individual Services Butler

• Reservation of exclusive restaurants and nightclubs

• Booking tickets for shows and concerts

• Organizing of VIP Tours

• Exclusive shopping

• Relax in the Spa

Personal shopping tours - a unique individual VIP tour program, where employees of the tourist agency "FortuneWay '' will acquaint you with the best antique shops that provide services for the sale of antiques: furniture, paintings, carpets, coins, books.

If you are interested in jewelry, we will introduce you to the works of Armenian jewelers who are the best artists in the world, and their works are awarded to the best estimates of various international exhibitions.

In our individual shopping tours You can also see a collection of the best works of the Armenian fashion designer.

Casino tours to Armenia

Written by on 08/06/2015

Casino in Armenia, the best real casinos. Game Take a tour to Armenia, visit luxury casinos in Armenia and an unforgettable gaming experience!

The casino regularly hosts a variety of lotteries and tournaments with cash winnings are the system of club cards, granting the right to an additional service (flight, accommodation, free kitchen, free access, etc.).

Sports tours to Armenia

Written by on 08/06/2015

Welcome to the horse riding tour along a mountain in Armenia. Horse riding in the middle of the beautiful alpine meadows, we will open the beauty and majesty of the nature of these territories and surprising artifacts of past civilizations, read the long history of these mountains, breathe the mountain fresh air and enjoy the sunset.


Horseback Riding Tours in Armenia

Ski tours in Armenia

If you decide to combine your vacation with treatment, then visit to Armenia - the right choice. Armenia - a country with hundreds of mineral springs, virgin forests, mountain clean air, sweet to the taste of water, the abundance of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as the most highly classified doctors and specialists and low prices.

Contact us and we will find for you the right program for treatment and rest. 

Treatment of the digestive system, gynecological diseases, and musculoskeletal system

Treatment of respiratory and nervous system

Dental tours to Armenia

Plastic surgery in Armenia and spa tours

Cultural Tours in Armenia

Written by on 08/06/2015

Culture - an inseparable part of the history of Armenia. For thousands of years, since the era of Urartu, Assyria dispute the world championship and ending with the new period of the history of Armenia has passed a difficult and interesting way of cultural development.

Contact us and we will introduce you to the cultural treasury of Armenia. Fill out the form, please, and we will find for you a special program.


Ancient history and Armenian manuscripts

Emotional painting of Armenia

Folk Art of Armenia

Contemporary Art in Armenia

Pearl tunes Armenia

Carpet weaving and Armenians

Holiday tours

Written by on 08/06/2015

Travel packages, presented in this section are composed specifically for those tourists who choose to visit Armenia on the national or religious holidays, festive events in the life on vacation or are interested to combine relaxation with adventure, or maybe just plan to more closely acquainted with the national cuisine, with wines, try the legendary Armenian cognac.

In a rich cultural heritage, unique nature and the ancient traditions of Armenia, you will find everything you are looking for. A realization travel with us to make your visit to Armenia more organized and more secure.

Select tours, and we will find an individual program according to your desires and preferences.


Christmas and New Year in Armenia

Feast of St. Valentine's Day in Armenia

March holidays in Armenia

Easter in Armenia

May holidays in Armenia

Summer holidays in Armenia

Wedding tours to Armenia

Golden autumn in Armenia

School holidays in Armenia

Weekend in Armenia

Travel - the most interesting and active way of knowing the world, tours to Armenia is a foretaste of of new sensations, sometimes amazing and unknown. Tours in Armenia are becoming increasingly popular due to the huge amount of positive feedback from our travelers, who have repeatedly visited Armenia. We have prepared for our guests a variety of tour packages to suit all tastes, goals and moods. Choose what suits you, and we will take all organizational matters on us and will make sure that you feel comfortable, carefree and pleasantly ... 

Discover the deep and unique cultural traditions of Armenia, Nagorno-Karabakh and Georgia, a harmonious combination of history and modernity, an abundance of architectural monuments left behind by inherited from the last centuries.


* Choice of sights and combining routes can be modified according to your preference.

3-day tours to Armenia

5-day tours to Armenia

7-day tours to Armenia

10-day tours in Armenia and Karabakh

10-day tours to Armenia and Georgia